Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System

The Trima Accel system delivers:

  • The right blood products at the right time
    • Respond to fluctuations in demand
    • Target specific blood types
  • In-process leukoreduction for ready-to-transfuse products
    • Maximizes blood center efficiencies
  • Standard Operating Procedures and scheduling requirements, opportunity for simple training
    • Potential for increased staff utilization
    • May allow more time for donors
  • Better procedure run times for platelet collections when compared to competitors1
  • Optimized donor recruitment and component collection
  • Improved traceability and enhanced accuracy

The Trima Accel system is:

  • Simple, easy to use and quick to setup
  • Backed by Terumo BCT’s comprehensive support services
  • Better for donors
    • 25%-40% shorter procedure times than comparable apheresis devices
    • Single-needle procedures for a more comfortable donation experience


Operating simply and safely:

  • Touch screen graphical interface enables easy operation
  • Blood centers configure within the boundaries of the Safety Box for maximum volume collected, minimum platelet post count, post hematocrit and maximum procedure time
  • The system determines which components the donor can safely donate

Platelet collections:

  • Define multiple platelet products with customized yield, volume and/or concentration for each platelet product including single, double or triple products — depending on donor capability
  • Ensure highly consistent platelet yields with sophisticated prediction algorithms
  • Leukoreduce platelet products using the integrated Leukocyte Reduction System (LRS) chamber without the platelet loss typically seen with post-collection filtration
  • Built-in system monitoring alerts the operator when product can be labeled as leukoreduced

RBC collections:

  • Define up to three RBC products — with highly consistent RBC volumes configurable between 150 mL and 250 mL — to match specific patient needs
  • Collect concurrently with platelets and/or plasma, or collect two RBC products simultaneously

Plasma collections:

  • Plasma-Only Set collects and stores plasma in
    fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusion-ready doses
  • Utilize multiple unique options to define the desired plasma products
  • Specify up to six fixed volumes for collection of standardized plasma units or maximize the plasma yield within given procedure and donor-dependent limits
  • Built-in system monitoring alerts the operator when product can be labeled as leukoreduced