TERUFLEX® Blood Bags

Standard blood bags for cost-efficient blood collection and processing

Help save collection and processing costs with this straightforward range of sets. Made without leukocyte-reduction filters, they’re ideally suited for the flexibility sterile docking provides.

Designed to provide donor comfort, ease-of-use and a high quality product, TERUFLEX bags and accessories are globally recognized for high quality blood collection, processing, storage and transfusion.

TERUFLEX Blood Bags are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and without solutions, with CPDA-1, or with CPD and OPTISOL®.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows your staff to collect, process and store products in the most cost-effective way
  • Provides the flexibility to add an in-line filter if desired
  • Includes a variety of configurations and sizes to accommodate a range of patient needs, including pediatric, elderly and small autologous donors who may not tolerate larger blood collections


TERUFLEX blood bags are made from high quality, biocompatible materials

  • All TERUFLEX blood bags and accessories are latex-free
  • No elution of chemicals
  • No loss of blood components due to adhesion of blood components to wall sheets
  • Gas permeable for excellent preservation of blood components
  • Thick wall tubing reduces kinks for smoother blood flow

Optimized Bag Shape

  • Rounded corners to minimize loss of blood components and facilitate mixing

Sharp, dependable needle

  • Reduces penetration resistance to minimize tissue trauma
  • Reduces discomfort of venipuncture and donation with unique triple bevel design
  • Offers superior flow, reduced collection time and reduced thromboplastin release with
    ultra-thin wall
  • Offers minimal activation of blood components