Echo® Compact Immunohematology Automation


With greater volumes to handle and fewer
specialized technologists in the blood bank, labs
of all sizes are requested to do more with less.
There is only one instrument that optimizes total
workflow efficiency by automating more than
just routine types and screens with the world’s
smallest footprint.
Echo delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility
for blood bank testing. Echo’s linear sample and
reagent racks allow samples and supplies to be
loaded at anytime. Urgent samples and busy
technologists never need to wait.
Echo delivers transfusion labs superior
speed combined with exceptional-quality
test results.
Quality Control
A new level of multi-layered quality control, makes
daily QC easier, and more efficient than ever.
(A) Intuitive User Interface
Touchscreen 17” monitor
Color imaging
(B) Fluidics Module
PBS is Echo’s only system liquid
Add PBS or remove waste anytime during operation
(C) Sample And Reagent Loading Bay
Accommodates 20 samples and 16 liquid reagents
Linear racks using LED-guided user interface provide continuous access to samples and reagents
Immediate bar code read
Single probe pipettor; steel, teflon-coated probe
(D) Microstrip Loading Bay
Accommodates 32 strips
LED user interface for continuous loading
All strips feature 2D bar codes for traceable resource management
(E) Automated Processing
Forced-air incubator reduces TAT
Continuous flow washer
Self-balancing centrifuge
Image analysis reader provides real time test results