NEO® High Throughput Full Automation

NEO offers the broadest fully automated
Immunohematology test menu in the industry.
This state-of-the-art instrument will optimize
your lab’s workflow by fully automating more of
your workload with trusted technologies that
provide quality test results.
Your workflow is demanding. The flexibility to work the
way your lab flows is the true beauty of NEO. NEO
offers the advantage of linear sample and reagent
racks for true continuous access. STAT requests
never wait. Run any test, in any order, anytime. NEO’s
Dynamic Scheduler with STAT priority will enhance
your workflow to the next level of operational efficiency.
Quality Control
When patient care is on the line, every test result counts.
All NEO assays have built-in process controls that
ensure consistent and trustworthy test results. The fully
automated system ensures sample and result integrity.
NEO’s modules operate independently and simultaneously, providing unprecedented productivity for the high-volume laboratory.
  • Microplate Loading Tower
    Capacity to load 15 microplates with continuous access for loading/unloading
  • Washer Module
    Fully automated and process controlled microplate washer
  • Reader Module
    Image analysis reader with 2 CCD cameras for interpreting test results
  • Incubator Module
    6 ambient and 8 37° C incubator bays designed to support high volume testing
  • Centrifuge Module
    Self adjusting module that features an automatic counterweight to consistently balance the centrifuge when needed
  • Intuitive User Interface
    Allows continuous access and tracking at all times
  • Dual Pipettors
    Feature 5 probes for processing multiple samples, reagents and plates simultaneously
  • Flexible Reagent Capacity
    Load up to 224 samples at once with continuous access at all times
  • Fluidics Module
    Module is self-contained and accessible during sample processing